Rainbows Eye Cosplay

“I am a Squishy Cosplayer. I started doing cosplay in 2013 as Power Girl. Over the years I have been many different cosplays, but Power Girl holds dear to my heart. I cosplay to help myself grow as a person and show that anyone can cosplay, no matter your shape or size! Body Positive!”

Tyler Willis of Scarfing Scarves

Tyler Willis is the creator behind Last Week Lolita News, a Lolita Fashion News Show made specifically for people who would take out your left eye with a parasol if they thought it would get them even an inch closer to getting their dream dress.

She discusses the happenings of the week in Lolita, dissects the general bickering into satisfying soundbites, and generally works as a giant envoy of catharsis for the Lolita Community at large.

You can find her channel here:

Alanna Linayre

Alanna Linayre is an indie game developer and voice actor, most recently Bendy and the Ink Machine. She’s the founder of TeamToadhouse and is currently working on a narrative adventure game called Call Me Cera. TeamToadhouse, her cozy streams, and her social media outreach is focused on kindness, creativity, and mental health awareness. You can find her on Twitter @Tybawai, on Twitch as AlannaStreams, and on the #TeamToadhouse discord server.

Josh Hano

Josh Hano is the San Antonio based creator of Nefarious, the comic series featuring card carrying villain, Crow. Nefarious started its life as a PC game launched in January 2017. It went onto launch on the Nintedo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 and as a webcomic in January 2018 which continues to this very day.

You can find him on Twitter: @JoshHano and on Facebook at Nefarious!