Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Mizuumicon! We are looking for responsible individuals to assist the staff in various tasks.

To be eligible to volunteer you must:

  • be at least 16 years old (photo ID required)
  • have a pulse
  • have a watch or other time telling device
  • abide by the rules of the convention
  • A sense of humor is optional but will overall add to the experience

Volunteers need to work the hours they commit to. If a problem comes up please let someone in charge know immediately. Any volunteer who does not work the required hours or fails to properly perform their duties at the convention risks having their volunteer badge pulled and being barred from volunteering in the future.

Volunteers are required to attend an orientation meeting held before the convention. Orientation will include a run through the rules, any changes made from last year, and a tour of the area. The time for said meeting will be determined.

We will not accept Walk-On Volunteers at the convention.

Below is a short list and brief description of some of the tasks volunteers may perform:

Checking Badges
Volunteers are needed to check the badges of convention attendees to make sure they are members and they are allowed in the area.

Dealer/Artist Room Worker
Volunteers are required to help clean and maintain order in the Dealer/Artist Room as well as report problems that Dealers/Artist have to the head of the Dealer/Artist Room.

Registration Worker
Volunteers are needed to help the registration staff hand out the information sheets and badges to the people registering for the convention. Volunteers will not be handling money.

Set Up/Tear Down
We need a limited number of volunteers, to help move and set up Saturday morning and to help with tear down on Saturday night.
These volunteers must commit to a whole 4 hour block. By helping before and after the con, you will be free during the con.

Other Jobs
These are just a small sampling of jobs that need to be filled, during the convention. Other duties will be assigned as the volunteer pool grows.

What do I get if I volunteer?
You get free entry to the convention (if you complete the shift you are accountable for), access to some snacks and drinks, and if needed, we can provide you with a certificate stating your hours for a registered non-profit.

What is acceptable behavior for volunteers?
Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner prior to, during, and after the convention due to the possibility that volunteers may be construed as representatives of Mizuumicon. This includes participation in any online forums, chat rooms, or blogs.

How it works:
Each job is assigned a time block (i.e. Badge Checker is 6 hours). You must work all hours before your badge is upgraded to standard member badge. You may work it all at once or if the job leader of the area approves half it and work 2 smaller blocks. The only exception is Setup/Tear Down workers who work in their assigned Setup/Tear Down block.

For people working tear down, please note that failure to stay to do your work (e.g. leaving before tear-down occurs) will automatically have you blacklisted from Volunteering future Mizuumicons.

Once your work is done, your badge will be altered to show that you have finished and are now able to enjoy the convention at your leisure. Yes, you may cosplay during your shift, just make sure it won’t interfere with your volunteer work!

If I’m an all-day volunteer, will I still be able to enjoy panels or take breaks throughout the con?
Of course! If you decide to commit to volunteering all day with us, we will try our best to accommodate you in our scheduling so that you can go on breaks and such. If there is a panel you are REALLY really wanting to go to, we will do our best to find coverage so that you can go to said panel. Of course, we will still expect you to volunteer with us for the majority of the day and help out, but by all means, you will be able to take breaks!

These are the shift times that are available for volunteers:

Morning/Noon shift – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Afternoon shift – 2:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Closing shift – 7:00 PM to whenever we finish!

If you are ready to make such a bold and daring commitment as to help MizuumiCon (and we know you are!) please fill out this form and we will get back to you!

We look forward to working with you and can’t wait to see you at Mizuumicon!