Social Distanced Board Meeting

To our South Texas Anime Community

With April only one month away, and COVID numbers in San Antonio on an upward trend again, we have to announce the cancellation of Mizuumicon this year. Both our board and venue are in agreement; we want to be a safe place for everyone to come together and celebrate their love of anime, and trying to do that under the current conditions would be irresponsible. Until vaccine rollouts reach an all-time high, and infection numbers drop, we can’t see any safe way for all of us to meet in person; especially as some of us are immune-compromised.

What are we asking you as a community to help alleviate the situation? Please continue to wear your masks, as it is still the best preventative measure agreed on by health care professionals to use when going around in public. Social distance as much as possible, wash your hands, and do get the vaccine as soon as you are permitted to do so.

We have some online programming lined up again, as we did with our ‘Stay Inside Con’ last year. We know nothing can beat the convention experience in person, but we have a wonderful list of panelists chomping at the bit to present, as well as so many artists and vendors that deserve to be seen. This year’s non-profit we are helping, is, well, us!

Keeping Mizuumicon alive through this massive gap from 2019 to (hopefully) 2022 has been, and will continue to be very, very challenging. We have bills that have to be paid whether or not we have an in-person convention, hence our push for fundraising. We have seen some of our favorite cons already have to shut their doors forever due to these very conditions. We are greatly appreciative and thankful for your membership and booth/table transfers, as those funds help tremendously. Please remember that all direct donations to us are tax-deductible.

With all that said, we want to thank you, our fans, for standing by us and continuing to build our amazing community. While fiscal support keeps the wheels rolling, it has been your encouragement that has kept our spirits and heads high in weathering all this. There is a lot of heart poured into making Mizuumicon each year, and we all can’t wait to see you again when it’s safe!

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