The Mizuumi Anime Club is proud to announce Mizuumi-Con 4! Held on the beautiful 72-acre campus of Our Lady of the Lake University, you won’t want to miss Mizuumi-Con 4. The family-friendly convention will be Saturday March 26th, 2011.

Ticket prices are only $12 for pre-registration until March 23rd and online registration is available here on our website. Tell your friends about us, follow us on Facebook, and get ready for the most fun Saturday you can imagine!

Mizuumi-Con 4 pre-registration memberships are available online. Pre-Registration will save you money AND time since you won’t have to stand in line at the con! The pre-registration pick-up desk this year will be outside the University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC) so that those who pre-reg can easily bring your Paypal receipt and grab your badge and get to the fun! We intend registration to be much faster this year, and the line shorter, but pre-reg will be the fastest and cheapest way to go!

We’re also still accepting volunteers to assist us in running the con. Click here for more info.

Breaking news: Mizuumi-Con donates to Red Cross for Japan relief. Read more…

Date & Time:
Saturday March 26, 2011
10am – Midnight

Early-bird Online Pre-reg: $10 (until Jan 31)
Online Pre-reg: $12 (Feb 1 thru Mar 23)
Full price at the door: $15 (CASH ONLY, BUT AN ATM IS AVAILABLE)

Children 7 and under are free with the purchase of a standard ticket.
Children 12 and under must be escorted with a parent at all times.

Schedule of events:

Need Info?
Use the link on the side to send us an email. Please include in the subject whether you want to be a volunteer, sponsor, vendor, or if you just need information. We’re here to help.

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