Cosplay Rules:

Provided that there are enough slots you may sign up for either or both categories (Walk On and Skits)

There are no Age Restrictions to the Cosplay Contests.

If you are participating in either category ALONE you must wear a cosplay that would not be defined as “Normal Clothes”.
(Example:Misty from “Pokemon” or Light from “Death Note” By Themselves are NOT Acceptable)

These cosplay will be Accepted on the grounds that you are participating with a Group or Elaborate Prop.
(Example: Misty with Plush Pokemon or Light with L and Ryuuk in a Group IS Acceptable.)

Walk On’s:

Walk On’s will receive Roughly 30 seconds to walk across stage and stop on 2 designated Posing Spots while Crossing.

Walk On’s Can Consist on 1 Participant or up to a Group of 5. (Groups more than 5 Must participate as a Skit)

Nudity is NOT considered a Costume. Any Cosplay that shows organs that you wouldn’t show your parents will NOT be allowed to participate.

Vulgar or Extremely Sexual Poses will NOT be allowed and will be grounds for immediate Disqualification.

All Skits will be allotted a 3 minute Time Limit. Going over the time limit May result in Disqualification.

Skits can have as many Participants in them you wish. (Just don’t Crowd the Stage)
Any Sounds or Music MUST be given to the crew during sign up in CD form or it WILL NOT be used.

Skits must remain PG-13. Any Skit that depicts Excessive Cursing or Sexual Content will be Disqualified immediately and removed from the stage.

Flying Props and Pyrotechnic are PROHIBITED from Use in any cosplay.