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Some of our many events:

Anime Dating Game – Hosted by Jedidiah Valdez, ADG is just like the
“Dating Game” of yesteryear TV, but with an anime twist! Get ready
for lots of laughs and fun watching a bachelor and bachelorette quiz
three prospective matches over two rounds. There will be a romantic
prize for the winners in each round. Sign up in the foyer of Thiry
Auditorium to be considered as a contestant. There is only space for
four males and four females, so get your name on the list early!

Artist Alley Annex & Vendor Room – The Chapel Auditorium and
UWAC Great Hall will be brimming with manga, DVDs, and toys.
You’re sure to find something you can’t live without! Also, you’ll find
numerous talented artists selling prints, posters, and crafted items as
well as doing commissions on the spot!

Avatar Q & A – Get ready to have all your Avatar: The Last Airbender
questions answered by two of the folks that were in the thick of it.
Talk with Jack De Sena (Sokka) and Jessie Flower (Toph) about
anything ATLA related. The show may have finished its run in July
2008, but it still has a strong fan base and has been rebroadcast in
“popup videos” style, which has tons of great background info for die-
hard fans. There is also a new series in the works called The Legend
of Korra, slated to begin in early 2012.

Calligraphy panel – Hosted by respected teacher Hiroko Fay, attendees
can learn hands-on the art and style of calligraphy. Twenty attendees
will be allowed to participate in the hands-on portion, and should
speak with Fay-san to claim a space. Others may watch and listen.
Participants in the hands-on portion must be 10 years or older.
Calligraphy ink can permanently stain, so participate at your own risk.

Chigiri E – Also hosted by respected teacher Hiroko Fay, attend this
panel to learn hands-on about this Japanese torn paper collage art
form. Twenty attendees will be allowed to participate in the hands-on
portion, and should speak with Fay-san to claim a space. Others may
watch and listen.

Contra Dancing – You may not have asked for it, but it’s back and
better then ever! Cosplayers: Send a photo or video of yourself Contra
Dancing to [email protected] for a chance to win a $25
GameStop gift card. Many will enter, one will win!!! (Awarded during
the week after the convention.)

Cosplay – See individuals and groups show off their costumes at
this competitive event! This year the categories of the competition
are: Best Avatar Costume, Best Anime Costume (Age 13 and up), Best
Kids’ Costume (Age 12 and under), and Best Skit.

Cosplay Chess – The Official Texas Cosplay Chess Group brings you
an action-packed game of human chess with cosplay characters
fighting epic mini-battles to gain victory over the opposing team. Like
an offspring of LARP, cosplay and a strategy game, Cosplay Chess will
have plenty of anime crossover attacks, dramatic deaths, and prizes.

Cosplay and Costuming Panel – Will teach you everything you never
knew you wanted to know about cosplay. Digital Outburst is a group
of friends from the Corpus Christi area who all share the love of
costume building and cosplay. They plan to cover such varied topics
as Cosplay 101, how to build your own character, making your own
costumes, constructing large costume pieces, and places to buy
costume parts for cheap! Q&A; at the end, so have your questions

Glow Panel – Starting at sundown, learn a few tricks with glowsticks!
Expert glow stick spinner “Tyshi” and friends will demonstrate
freehand glowsticking and glowstringing. You can see video of some
of the things you learned later by visiting Audience
participation at the demo is not only encouraged, it’s expected!
Octane Toys will be on hand selling glowsticks for your use at the

Karaoke – Let your inner diva and rock star come out. We will have a
list of songs available, so just sign up and strut your stuff! Sing your
heart out with DJ Jorge & DJ JC!

The Online Otaku Panel – Join Mizuumi-Con guest Mark Allen Jr (aka
Akumaryu) and Mizuumi Anime Club president Patrick Lloyd (aka
Shamanic Enzan) for one hour of information on how to keep your
bearings on the Internets and how you can utilize the world wide web
for chasing your passions. Oh, and humor. There will probably be
humor. And a Badger.

Radioplays & Audiodramas – Hosted by producer Mark Allen, Jr, come
to this panel to learn about old and new audio productions.
Participating in recording sessions for audio productions is a great
way to get practice if you want to go into voice acting. Mark can teach
you how to speak so well that your audience won’t need pretty
moving pictures to enjoy the story!

Story Development Panel – Join anime industry Renaissance woman
Samantha Inoue-Harte for a fun and educational panel. Everyone has a
story that they want to make into a series or movie, a comic or video
game, but how do you take that story from an idea in your head to an
awesome, marketable piece of work? Attendees will pitch their stories
and the group will analyze them and walk through the best steps to
take in order to get the idea turned into a published product.

SuperFunTime! with Jack and Jessie – A panel of mysterious
randomness. We don’t even know what’s going to happen! Come see
our two Avatar VAs on stage doing some of the most interesting
things to be seen in South Texas since…last Mizuumi-Con! Bring your
giant Pichus, your plushie Moogles, and your keyblades for an hour of

Voice Acting Q & A – Come and ask your questions about voice acting
and what it takes to be in the business. We’ll have Cristina Vee,
Samantha Inoue-Harte, and Mark Allen Jr representing people at all
stages of their voice acting careers to share their experiences and
advice. If you want to get into voice acting, or just better understand
how hard they work, this is the panel for you. Come up with good
questions and sit in the front to be able to ask them.

Washi Egg Panel– Run by Dr. Susan Murphy; she earned her
Ph.D. in Zoology from University of Hawaii at Manoa and is a biology
instructor here at the Lake. Come see the fascinating art of Washi Egg
making, a traditional Japanese craft of the spring!