The Mizuumi Anime Club is proud to announce Mizuumi-Con 7! Held on the beautiful 72-acre campus of Our Lady of the Lake University, you won’t want to miss Mizuumi-Con 7 The family-friendly convention will be Saturday March 22nd, 2014. And with that our Indigogo experiment comes to a close! We might have not reached our goal but we did learn a lot, as well as raised over $1,500! (We are all pretty positive with the experience; with some tweaking we might try it again next year) To all of those who donated, we want to give you a big Thank You!! We should be getting your names on this site within a week.

You all voted, and we listened! Pre-Reg is now open! Pre-Reg is now closed!

And for everyone who’ll be showing up at the door the day of the con, reg is 15$! That’s right, only 15$.

Hope y’all are ready to have a fun filled time!!

If you have any questions about location, refer to this map of the campus!


Event locations:

  • UWAC (University Wellness and Activity Center, Building 27.) – Registration, Vendors & Artists (Gym), & Console Gaming
  • Thiry Auditorium (Building 19) – Main Events, Cosplay, and Stage Shows
  • Red/Blue Room (Building 14) – Panel Presentations & Karaoke
  • Metz Hall (Building 24) – Video and Nintendo DS Rooms
  • Chapel Auditorium (Building 1 on the Congregation of Divine Providence Key, between the Chapel and Main Building) – Panel Presentations, Autographs & Rave
  • Fine Arts Bldg Room 200 (Building 18) – Video Room
  • Courtyard (Located between Building 25 & 26) – Public Library, JASSA
  • Mall Area (Outdoors, located on the map) – Food & Drink Booths
  • Cafeteria (Building 16) – Tabletop Gaming & Collectible Card Gaming
  • Outdoor Area (In front of Building 27) – Spraypaint Demo, Cosplay Chess, Cosplay Dodgeball, Beat Em Up Boffers


Here is the official schedule for Mizuumi Con 7! The convention officially starts at 10 AM, but you may arrive earlier to stand in line for registration.